Breaking down LVT flooring components

Breaking down LVT flooring components

When you choose LVT flooring for your home, you'll find many attributes that make up the product construction, from top to bottom. Each part of the construction has a specific job and can help you pick the perfect materials for your home's needs.

If you've never considered all the parts that make up the floor, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about it. Consider these components as you search for your best product.

Comparisons can reveal the perfect product

Once you decide on the perfect floor covering, you'll choose luxury vinyl tile components that match your needs. Here are some comparisons to think about while you shop.

· Core type – Core components can be made of wood or stone plastic composite, and both offer excellent waterproof protection.

· Core thickness – Stone plastic composite materials are thinner than wood but offer more rigidity and benefits over uneven subflooring.

· Pad type – Some floors have a pad attached; for some, you'll buy a different product, and you can find options that cater to all your needs.

· Pad thickness – Depending on their material, luxury vinyl flooring pads can be thick or thin, so shop for the best one.

· Locking systems – Locking systems determine how your flooring holds together, with click-and-lock methods being trendy

The best LVT flooring for your needs

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