Choosing between LVT flooring product lines

Choosing between LVT flooring product lines

Since LVT flooring is such a popular product in today's home and business remodels, various product lines are readily available. But with so many to choose from, how can you compare your options?

There are several ways to shop with assurance for results that match your every need, no matter the remodel size. Here are some comparisons you can make to fit your requirements best.

Comparisons are important

Some products are different, even though they may carry the same product line name. You may see outward similarities that look identical, but the fact is, not all luxury vinyl flooring is the same.

One comparison to make while speaking with your flooring specialist is the core type and thicknesses available. For example, wood and stone plastic composites offer different rigidity, and stone plastic composites are thinner than wood composites.

Another comparison worth making is pad type and available thicknesses. Some luxury vinyl products offer an attached pad, while others must be bought and installed separately.

Locking systems are another place where these products often differ, so not all floating floor choices are the same. In addition, your household's activity levels and lifestyle needs might require a different luxury vinyl tile or plank, so it’s worth your time to consider all your choices as you shop.

We offer excellent luxury vinyl flooring for every need

At Knoxville Carpet, you’re sure to find the perfect materials for your home, which cater to beauty, performance, and lifespan, to name only a few characteristics. And our associates are happy to step in and help match your needs with the flooring we carry.

With a showroom in Knoxville, TN, we serve residents from Knoxville, Farragut, Maryville, Oak Ridge, and Lenoir City, TN. And when you’re ready to choose LVT flooring that’s perfect in every way, we’re here to make sure you find it, so stop by whenever you’re in the area.