The essential differences between LVT flooring products

The essential differences between LVT flooring products

As you search for the perfect luxury vinyl flooring materials, you're sure to see some differences that can make one product better for you than the others. However, each option caters to a specific need, and we can help you find the best combination.

If this is your first time searching for these attributes, we can help. Here are some essential differences that could help you create the perfect flooring.

What about the core?

Different core types and thicknesses can cater to many needs, including complete waterproof protection. In addition, you'll hear about wood and stone plastic composites, which protect your luxury vinyl tile from water damage from spills, dampness, humidity, and more.

Stone plastic composite (SPC) is more rigid and thinner than wood plastic composite (WPC), which can make a difference in your flooring choice. But both create excellent stability and stop the transfer of subfloor imperfections through the product.

What about pad thickness?

An underpadding can come as a separate product or be attached to the flooring. Either way, you can choose a thickness that provides benefits like added comfort and noise reduction.

What about locking systems?

Many of these floor coverings come with locking luxury vinyl flooring systems that help hold the flooring together once in place. In addition, click-lock technology is an option that fits the pieces firmly together, creating an excellent seal.

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