Various products lines and LVT flooring comparisons

Various products lines and LVT flooring comparisons

LVT flooring is a highly sought-after floor covering, but different product lines offer other characteristics which could change their performance in your home. Therefore, for the best results, it's important to compare those product lines based on features common to both and essential to every homeowner.

Common facts with differing results

Every flooring you choose has a core material, pad options, installation choices, and more to give you the results you want and need in every space. Comparing these across product lines is essential to find the best options for your home.

  • Luxury vinyl tile core materials – These components are crucial and give you the complete waterproof protection you want and need. Learn about the type, thickness, and lifespan, and then compare them against your requirements. 
  • Underpadding choices – Underpadding is almost always necessary; for some products, it's already attached to the material. However, if necessary, you may have to buy padding as an addition, and we'll tell you more about how it fits your specific needs. 
  • Installation options – One of the most popular installation options is the locking system that creates a floating floor. These luxury vinyl flooring pieces click together, lock into place, and offer a quick and easy service.

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