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What to look for when comparing LVT flooring product lines

LVT flooring is a fantastic flooring choice that meets various homeowner needs. It's an excellent fit for every room in your home, with benefits for every space.

You'll also find LVT comes from various brands, so you'll have to choose the one that best fits your needs. First, however, here are some tips on what to look for when comparing LVT product lines.

Core and padding facts mean a lot

When choosing the perfect floor covering, waterproof properties are likely to be important to you. If so, the core makeup of luxury vinyl is essential because luxury vinyl tile ensures the protection you want and need.

Core types can include wood and stone plastic composite, each with specific benefits and thicknesses. For example, you'll find stone composites to be more rigid and thinner for a lower flooring profile.

Underpadding is vital in your luxury vinyl flooring decision, but should you choose attached or added padding? Both offer features you're sure to love, like mold and mildew resistance and excellent stability.

Locking systems for a faster installation

Floating flooring is the fastest way to install vinyl flooring of any kind, and you'll find luxury vinyl flooring locking systems can also vary. Click and lock technology means you'll click the pieces together, and they'll lock into place.

When you're ready to choose a perfect system, we'll ensure the results meet your requirements. Please talk with us about your plans while you're here.

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