Carpet types



Decorative, versatile cut pile carpet for casual to formal room settings. Adds an extra flair, comfort and warmth to your household. Select from hundreds of the most in-demand colors available.


Add an exquisite, luxurious look to your home's attire. Smooth, clean, soft finishes available in dozens of the most popular colors. Perfect for formal living room and dining room settings.


Pencil-point yarn definitions with an added twist will create a more casual appearance to your room decor. Choose from the newest, most trendy colors available today.

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Natural loop surface for country to contemporary furnishings. Available in natural earth tones to multi-tone colors. Tight loop construction helps hide foot-prints and vacuum marks. Ideal for the family on the go.


Great look for informal settings. Durable, rugged and practical application for basements, offices and children's playrooms. Available in a variety of distinct multi-colorations.
Carpet types in Knoxville, TN from Knoxville Carpet


Characterized by tightly twisted yarn that minimizes foot and vacuum marks. This added pizzazz creates an extra touch of class. Ideal for any room in your home in a variety of the most popular colors.


This durable carpet resists mildew and fading, making it a perfect solution for porches, pool decks, sunrooms, spas, workshops and more.